Buying an eBook

Simply click on any of the “Buy” buttons for the eBook you wish to purchase:

You can also buy the eBook from the preview using the little ‘Buy now’ button at the top right hand corner or from the final “Read more” page:


What happens next

Once you’ve clicked buy, you will be taken to a page where you can register a new account with us if you don’t have one, or log-in to your account if you already have one (if you are already logged in at this point then you will be automatically taken to the check-out page). 


Other options 

  • Vouchers – click here to find out more about redeeming vouchers if you have a voucher for a specific eBook.
  • Other retail platforms – click here to find out more about buying from other retailers such as Apple and Amazon


Click here to view our complete catalogue

Click here to find out about log-in and registration

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