If you have registered an account with us then you can log-in by any of the following routes:

  • From the log-in buttons on the top right hand side of our website
  • By clicking on “Buy” or redeeming a voucher for a specific product
  • From a preview of an eBook
  • From the links in the emails we send you confirming your purchase of an eBook

(If you have purchased Practising the Piano, you will need to log in on our Informance site - click here to go to Informance log in.)

Logging in with Facebook

If you used Facebook to create your account (see register on our website) then click on the “Login with Facebook” button. If you are signed in with Facebook then you will automatically be logged in, otherwise you will need to sign-in to Facebook using the pop-up window provided. 


Logging in without Facebook

If you didn’t use Facebook to register, then simply enter your email address you used to create your account with us and your password, then click log in.


Click here if you have forgotten your password.

Click here if you get an error stating that your account is awaiting email confirmation.

Click here if you haven’t registered for an account yet.

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