How to use the online reader

Paging   Click on the buttons on the right or left hand side of the pages to navigate backwards and forwards (you can also swipe on a tablet).
Table of contents   A table of contents can be accessed via the table of contents button on the top left hand side of the screen, next to the home button.  Use this menu by clicking on the section you wish to view or click anywhere else on the screen to close it.  Some sections have sub sections which can be accessed by clicking on the arrow at the end of the section title.
History   Go backwards and forwards in your navigation history by using the < and > buttons next to the table of contents button.  This is useful if you’ve clicked on a link and want to go back to where you were prior to clicking on the link.
Text size   Click on the “A” button to increase or decrease the default text size.
Adding the publication to your iPad homescreen   To add this publication to your iPad home screen, click on the icon as shown and select "Add to Home Screen".
New features available in some eBooks    
Notes   Where you see the notepad icon, tap to add notes. To read saved notes, simply tap the icon again.
Favourites   Where you see the heart icon, tap to favourite. Unfavourite by tapping the icon again. You can access all your favourites by tapping the heart icon in the toolbar at the top of the page.
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