Buying from other retailers

You can buy eBooks directly from us, or in certain cases eBooks can be purchased from retailers such as Apple and Amazon.  If you prefer to buy from another retailer, click on the “other” button to view links for the available retailers for the eBook you wish to buy.  These links will redirect you to the relevant product page for the retailer of your choice.

Advantages of buying direct:

  • Get access to all available formats, allowing you to enjoy your eBooks on a wide range of devices
  • Benefit from special offer bundles, discounts and purchase gift vouchers

Advantages of buying from other retailers:

  • You don’t need to register another account with us, and you can use your account with another retailer if you have one for a quick and easy check-out.


Click here to view our catalogue to either buy directly or from another retailer where available.

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