Accessing an eBook directly

Once you have accessed your eBook for the first time in your library, you can bookmark it to allow easy access to it in the future.

If you are reading on your iPad, this can be done by tapping the share icon

and selecting ‘Add to homescreen’.

Doing this will add an icon to your homescreen that will allow you to open and read your eBook quickly and easily.

Tip – Sometimes when you add an eBook to your homescreen, you may have to log in again to make sure you are reading the full eBook, rather than the preview. To do so, tap the icon on the homescreen and look at the top right hand corner. If you don’t see your account name, and instead there is a ‘Log in’ button, tap ‘Log in’ and enter your details.

If you would like to bookmark the eBook in your web browser, this is done using the bookmark function on any internet browser. For example, in Chrome and Firefox click the star icon at the end of the address bar to bookmark your eBook. In Internet Explorer, click the star and then click ‘Add to favourites’.

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