Devices and eBook formats

Our eBooks are available in a wide range of formats in order to give you the freedom to enjoy them on a device of your choice:


Online reader – view your eBooks online on a wide range of devices using a web browser

Layout this option offers the most visually appealing layout, formatting and graphics
Features all interactive features and enhanced content are available
Connectivity you need to have an Internet connection to use this option
System requirements

this format is optimised for use on computers (desktops and laptops) and tablets (e.g. the iPad). Computer - you need a recent browser e.g. Chrome (recommended), Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Tablets - this format is optimised for the iPad but is also suitable for a number of Android tablets e.g. Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus



Apple iBooks – download and view your eBooks using the iBooks app on an Apple Mac or iPad

Layout this option is similar to that of the online reader but has a few simplifications to adapt to accommodate Apple’s eBook page layout
Features enhanced content is available offline however a number of interactive features are not available in this format or require an internet connection
Connectivity all content, including multimedia, is available offline but certain Interactive features require an Internet connection
System requirements Apple Mac or iPad with iBooks app



Amazon Kindle – download and view your eBooks on Amazon devices or apps

Layout this option offers the most basic layout to accommodate the wider range of devices and apps on offer
Features all enhanced content is available online only via streaming.  No interactive functionality is supported in this format, however a few interactive features are available online
Connectivity all text and images are available offline but all enhanced content and interactive features require an Internet connection
System requirements Amazon devices – while text and images can be viewed on any Amazon device (including eInk readers), a multimedia-capable device is required for enhancements and interactive features. 
Other devices – eBooks in this format can be viewed on computers and other tablets (e.g. iPad, Google Nexus) using Amazon’s Kindle apps


Please note: if you buy eBooks directly from us then you automatically get access to all available formats, however if you purchase from another retailer then you will only be able to access the format for their apps and supported devices.

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