The videos don't work in my eBook


Please try the following if you are experiencing problems with video viewing your eBooks online via the browser:

  • Check internet connection - Please make sure your device / computer is connected to the Internet and that you have no problems with your Internet connection
  • Update your browser - Certain older versions of browsers (especially Internet Explorer and Firefox) do not support some of the video formats that we use.  Ensuring you have the most recent version of your browser will solve the majority of problems with video playback.
  • Use Google Chrome - in rare cases, even the latest version of browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox give errors when attempting to load some of the videos.  However, we currently have no known instances of problems being experienced on Google Chrome.  If you would like to try this suggestion, Google Chrome can be downloaded here.  



'I'm getting the error message 'Error Loading Page'

When trying to view a video on Kindle, you may receive an error that says: 'Error Loading Page - Plug-in handled load'. This error does not affect the loading and successful playing of the video, so simply tap 'OK' to get rid of the error message and view the video as normal.


'The videos don't load'

Since Kindle streams videos rather than including them in the eBook file, the loading of the videos can be affected by your Internet access. If your videos are not loading, you may need to check your internet connection. If you do not have an internet connection and are reading on Kindle, your videos will not load.


If you're still having issues with viewing the videos in your eBook, click here.

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