I’m struggling to redeem a voucher

Vouchers provide discounts on our eBooks as a percentage of the eBook price or a fixed amount (free copies e.g. from competitions or special promotions are essentially a 100% discount voucher).

Vouchers are either general (can be applied to any of our eBooks) or specific (can only be used for specific eBooks). 

If you have a specific voucher, or are not sure what kind of voucher you have, enter your voucher code in the text box on one of the “Redeem” boxes on our website.  If the voucher is a specific voucher then you will be taken automatically to the check-out page for the applicable eBook, with the voucher discount applied (once you’ve logged in or registered).  

If your voucher is not for a specific product, the above step will take you to a catalogue page where you can choose to purchase a publication. You will then be able to enter the voucher code on the check-out page for your desired publication. Click “apply” and it should be added.

Please note that vouchers only apply to eBooks purchased directly from our website and are not applicable to other retailers.

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