What are the recommended browsers and devices?

Our eBooks can be viewed on a wide range of devices in a number of different formats.  All of our eBooks can be viewed in our online reader using a web browser.  


Online Reader requirements

Browsers - our web reader supports recent versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome (Recommended) and Firefox.  


  • PC (laptop, desktop) or Mac running one of the browsers listed above
  • Tablets - our eBooks are optimised for viewing via our web reader for the Apple iPad. However, a range of Android tablets including the Google Nexus and the Samsung Galaxy tablets (running Chrome) are also supported.


Download options

Selected eBooks are also available in the following formats for download:

  • Apple iBooks - for download and viewing using an Apple Mac or iPad
  • Kindle - for download (excluding video and interactive functionality, text and images only) and viewing on Kindle devices (Kindle Fire recommended) and other tablets running Kindle apps (e.g. iPad or Google Nexus)
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